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Established in 2002, based in Nyon and active in Switzerland and Europe, Lusenti Partners is an independent investment advisory company.

We specialize in determining, coordinating, optimizing and systematically following up the investments made by professional and institutional investors, in particular by pension funds.

Lusenti Partners in 6 points

Independent, no conflicts of interest

Transparent, fee-based remuneration:

no trailer fees, no commissions

Working languages: English, French and German

Activities: investment advisory, management consulting, investment conferences

Advice on investments and risks for pension funds, foundations, family offices and insurance companies

Management advice for banks,
asset and fund managers

We organize the Performer Investment Conferences since 2006 with the aims of covering current investment issues from a technical perspective and presenting original or innovative management procedures.
Their purpose is also to highlight specific investment issues and to provide the participants with real added value.
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